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Video Media:
Production & Editing

Description: Here is a new product promo video I edited and put together for Western Technology. This was to promote the release of a new “rechargeable battery-powered” portable LED work light by Western Technology. This was probably the most challenging project I’ve edited to date. This was also my first time using “green screening” which I had to make-shift out of packing paper used from the shipping department. Multiple layers & special effects were used to give it more of a “rock video” effect. Meant to appease the “rough” industrial applications Western Technology’s lights are used in.

The general concept of “Cutting the Cord” & “Confined Space Use” of the product was the ultimate goal. This was based off of discussions between the owner, the sales team, & myself. Although the end result was “liked” by all, it was never approved & released. The final design & look of the light ended up changing in appearance, and we didn’t want to downplay the need for the “corded” explosion proof lights Western Technology has to offer.

Skills: Filming, Video Production, Adobe Premier, Photoshop, Illustrator


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