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Web Design

Description: It was a pleasure working with this industrial client, that just went through a name change from The Omohundro Company to Kitsap Composites. They design, manufacture, and test composite hardware for the aerospace and defense industries. Their specialty is composite hardware that supports the function of communication systems including radomes, reflectors, and polarizers. Their HTML website hadn’t been updated since 2011, and was in desperate need of a update.

I enjoyed the challenge of learning to work with a new theme and the Cherry Framework for WordPress. With the original theme designed for an oil company, I had to do a lot of custom editing and coding to get just the right colors, effects and look for our client. This was a collaborative effort with the North Woods Production team that included all new photography, video work, and website to show it all off.

Visit their website:

Skills: Web Design, WordPress,
HTML, CSS, Photoshop

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